Narrative Technique

Scenic Technique. Resembles a movie or play in its manner of presentation. We are close to the actions in both a spatial and temporal sense. The author presents actions that take a few seconds to perform in a passage that takes few seconds to read. Scenic techniques used at the beginning of a novel are more likely to capture a reader’s attention at once because they are concrete and vivid.

Panoramic technique. Physical setting is highly generalized; narrative summary of events of a long period of time compressed into a single paragraph. Panoramic technique at the beginning of a novel often has the advantage of clarity. The reader knows where he/she is in time and space and has a definite point of departure for action that will follow. Panoramic technique is economical. Author can get necessary exposition out of the way and concentrate on the story’s dramatic events. Both scenic and panoramic techniques are combined in most novels. Shifting techniques can prevent monotony in the structure of the story. Author must emphasize certain things (scenic technique) and de-emphasize ofther things (panoramic technique). Panorama can serve a transition function between more important scenes.

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